Who is something Lemon?

My name is Mojgan, pronounced moj-gawn, like moj is gone, and I write this blog.

I’m from┬áVancouver, British Columbia, but I grew up in Iran, and┬álive in Toronto, Ontario. Somewhere the Iranian in me dashes saffron into everything and exercises snobbery when it comes to the length and individuality of cooked rice grains. I like roasting hazelnuts just so their smell can fill my kitchen with coziness. I defend nutmeg and hope that it will one day reclaim its indispensable spot in the kitchen. I like lemons, cheese, chocolate, ice cream, and pears. At times you might even see me wear a pear on my head, or maybe a bird’s nest. Oh, and did I say that I love lemons?

I post pages here on things that inspire my food choices: fashion, books, music, and my job. You can also find me on Twitter:


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Something lemon is organized with tags and categories divided between book, food, fashion, music, and career so that hopefully you can find what you are looking for quickly.

About the name something lemon

I was at work and had the biggest craving for lemon tarts. With mouth watering and my taste buds feeling the tanginess of lemons already, all I could think about was how I could get some lemons. Needless to say, productivity was low that day.

During my drive home, I stopped at my local grocery store and decided to buy lemons to make a lemon tart. But the lemons looked so good — shiny and the nicest shade of yellow I have ever seen. So naturally I bought a bag of lemons and decided to make 10 things with lemons.

All I ate that week consisted of lemony goodness: lemon tart, lemon meringue pie, lemon blueberry cakes, lemon poppy seed muffins, lemon ice cream, lemon curd, lemon cheesecake, lemon loaf, lemon cupcakes, and lastly, lemonade to finish the lemons.

The week ended with me being sick and having to go through a sugar detox. And let’s not mention that I smelled like butter! But my lemon love has remained and I try to consume something lemon often. Something lemon represents how my job, fashion choices, the books I read, and the music I listen to all inspire my food choices, and how I go about, however obsessively, in meeting my cravings.

§ 7 Responses to “Who is something Lemon?”

  • Gregory Johnson says:

    I think everyone needs a little something lemon in their lives. Love the blog, Moj-here.

  • Russell Derouin says:

    Love it Moj. Very well done! I’m looking through it more and let you know what I like!

  • Dan Schick says:

    Hey Mojgan – What a fantastic little corner of the Web you’ve curated here with great references and a unique perspective. There’s genius in your nutmeg piece. I also like how you position it as “things that inspire my food choices: fashion, books, music, and my job” – that they are all just bit-players to the real star: food. “what shall I eat tonight? let’s see what’s in my closet and on Radio3 first…” But always something lemon.

  • Jay says:

    Love your mix, Moj! Impressed that you didn’t od on lemons, i.e. that you still crave that lemony tang.

    I know I do!

    Really, fascinating reading from a fascinating person.

  • Marie says:

    Hi Mojgan. I just discovered your blog by following one of your reviews on Goodreads. Just scanning your posts made my mouth water!!

    I will add it to my feed…it looks like we read similar types of books. I’m American (from Oregon) but love Canada…we visited Victoria and Toronto in 2009 and Vancouver this past summer.

  • Great blog Mojgan! Please e-mail me when you have a moment … it’s about wine ;)


    • Mojgan Fay says:

      Hi Natalie! Thanks for your comment. I’m so happy you like the blog. And how serendipitous that you should contact me now. I was in the middle of taking inventory of my wine and maybe drinking a glass along the way.

      I sent you an email but it bounced. You can contact me at mojganfay at gmail dot com.


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